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July 14, 2016

They’re fruity, they’re fun and they were the height of fashion a few seasons ago- we were pineapple design crazy.

 Actually, they were in fashion many, many, many seasons ago too. Back in 17th century England, when the world as we knew it seemed a lot bigger, and exotic paraphernalia graced the tables of only the most wealthy and fashionable, pineapples were the hottest item. The first pineapple cultivated in Europe was given to Charles II and there is even a selfie to commemorate it…I jest… it is actually an oil painting from 1675 by Hendrik Danckerts.

Pineapples were a symbol of wealth, for display not for consumption (fair enough, they were the equivalent of about $8,000). Catherine The Great, a very opulent woman liked having these little dandies around and I could go on about how special these prickly pineapples were- there is much more to say. For now, let’s take a look back over our recent fascination with the pineapple. 

Pineapple jars- I saw these first pop up on my friends kitchen bench. Just one initially. Then another. And soon there were a few families of pineapple containers living in and around her kitchen and dining area, in neat little clumps. The Chic Nest had the containers for a while and you can still get a pineapple lamp from Temple & Webster. For true lovers of pineapple paraphernalia wishing to perhaps take a pineapple to bed, Nikki Strange, a London based textile designer, created cushions. The most delightful rendition of the pineapple trend however is the pineapple t-shirt which came in so many variations all other fruits felt quite neglected. My favourite T with a sequined pineapple came from H&M

I wonder what exotic fruit will peak our interest next!