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July 4, 2016


As a graphic designer I just love checking out how fashion designers use colour.

Fashion and all other aspects of design walk closely side by side when it comes to colours on trend. Let’s take a look at a few beautifully crafted and visually stunning accessories of the hand held variety!
From Colette Hayman comes these beauties- A hot pink and black Robin clutch for $34.99, a substantial Lulu Luxe panel bag sporting various hues of tangerine and orange for $69.99 and the eye catching electric blue Deniece clutch for just $39.99.

Checking out what’s on offer at The Iconic, this pricey ($460 odd) yet wonderfully bright blue hued Lagerfeld K/Shopper Small Saffiano Tote takes my fancy. Not to be out shone is Fossil’s Sydney Tomato in the colour of…well…tomato, for a nice $199. And appealing to the inner boho is this must have mustard Through The Line shoulder bag from Urban Originals for $88.

It’s always fun to check out what’s in store at Mary and Marie and if you are feeling very adventurous- decide on your purchase purely based on the product name! Like their Gone With The Wind handbag-  you won’t be disappointed with the vibrant orange leather with suede detail for $199. Their Legally Blonde handbag for $169 is a charming pink and subtle and their serene blue clutch New York Convertible for $49. 

Aussie designers LouenHide continue to bring attractive and colourful handbags. I’m in love with the spacious and vibrant printed teal green Anise for $16.95- bargain. Bermuda in the platinum has delicate geometric styling that calls to my design senses, for $109.95. And lastly, while the Bahama ($19.95) does come in a variety of awesome colours, I just gotta showcase the yellow. Feel the energy! Gorgeous!

If you are in the market for a new handbag, take some time to check out Mary + Marie and LouenHide as they are wonderful Australian designers. Also, while Convict doesn’t have the verve and splash of colour as those brands mentioned here, it is another Aussie company to support and has a cool story behind their designs too.